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Online booking ready

posted 17 May 2010, 02:57 by Mark Anderson
Dear friends,

The online booking system is finally ready for a trial run!

Please read this carefully, so you are sure you have understood. And contact me if you have any questions.

Please remember this is a trial run. I would like us to hold an ordinary carpool meeting on Thursday 27th May at 19:30. Would anyone like to host? At this point we can see if there are any initial problems or questions that can be sorted out. It will be too early to make a decision. We will schedule another meeting around the second half of June to make a decision on whether to change to online booking or go back to paper booking.

We will continue to use the paper booking until 23:00 this coming Friday (21st). After that I will remove the booking sheet from the shed, and you will only be able to use online booking. (I will make sure that any bookings on the sheet for after the 21st get transferred over to the online system.)

If you want to book a car for after Friday 21st, then you can already now use the online booking system at

If you do not have access to a computer with broadband, or if it is more convenient, then you can use the carpool computer that we have installed in the wine cupboard in the CC - the first door on the left as you go in the extension. The key for the wine cupboard is kept in the Homecare cupboard, further in to the externsion on the left. On a nail just inside the door at head height. Please remember to put it back. I will also put a spare in the key cupboard in the shed.

And a big thank you to Martin Barker for putting the tabletop in there for the computer. And to Rory, Pete, Iain, Michael and the rest of the Findhorn Foundation for letting us use this space, and for giving us the computer at a very reasonable price.

I will be available in the CC to demonstrate the system at the following times, when you can ask any questions that you may have:
  • Wednesday 13:00-13:30
  • Friday 17:30-18:00

Love, Gordon.