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Logo competition

posted 18 Dec 2013, 09:42 by Carpool Admin   [ updated 18 Dec 2013, 09:44 ]
Over the last year Park Carpool has taken a series of decisions to move towards a more open car club with a strong ecological profile. We have now received 2 electric cars we obtained through a Scottish Government grant. And we have already started a Forres branch which is open to anyone living in the local area. Our vision is that the idea we have successfully piloted at The Park, Findhorn can now be of benefit to a much wider community.

So … we need a new name to reflect this change … and a logo to go with the name. And that is where you come in! We have decided to hold a competition so local designers, artists and others can design a suitable logo to go with our new name....Moray Carshare !


The winner of the competition will:

* receive a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates

* have their name publicised at the launch and on our website

* receive a £30 voucher that can either be used to pay for their joining fee,
  or towards their car club subscriptions, if they are already a member.

What should the logo reflect?

The logo should in some way be a reflection of our purpose: as defined by our name, our vision and our mission:

Name = Moray Carshare

Vision = A world in which everyone has access to affordable and environmentally friendly travel options that build community and trust.

Mission = To be an effective, ethical association, responsive to the needs of existing and potential members in the IV36 area:

- Providing a variety of environmentally friendly vehicles, and

- Creating community through sharing resources with care and respect.


If you want some inspiration from looking at logos of other car clubs, use this address in your browser ( and then, for example, click on “Scotland”. Then click on the town names one at a time. Then click on one of the blue icons (pinpoints) that appear on the map and you will see some information about that car club, including their logo.


The main use of the logo will be as part of the stickers we will put on the doors of our cars to attract attention to the car club. We suggest the stickers must include the logo and our website address ( It could optionally include our name, if it is not included in the logo. Obviously, our name is implicit in our website address. It is up to you what you think would work best on the sticker.

We would like you to include a design for the sticker as well as for the logo.

The logo will also appear on our website, on our letterhead paper and on future signs.


The logo will appear in various sizes according to these usages. The size of the car stickers will be restricted by the size of the door on our smallest car – the Twizy. The space available is 80 cm across the top, 60 cm across the bottom and 30 cm high.


Free choice. For your information, the current cars we will use the stickers on are silver (2), white, light blue (2) and black. But in the future we are likely to buy different colours of cars. The stickers could be either transparent or have a background colour.


The winner will be chosen by a small panel of judges including representatives for the carpool management, for the local community and for graphical design expertise.


Entries should be sent to by 11pm on Friday 3rd January.

If you require any further information, please contact the car club manager (Gordon McAlpine) at the above email address or on 01309 691 934.